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Here in my country, Chile, people at stores or at the streets react pretty much as Milady said people react in France. They stare at you and sometimes ask you if you are dressed up for some movie or tv. But there's the rude people too, the ones who yells "are you from a circus?", but most people just stares.

The most rude comments are made by the self named "otakus" and anime fans. They are so hypocrite. When they see me at a con they go all "OMG you are an awesome cosplayer! I just love your costumes so much!" but then they call me the ugly Sakura, fat Nana, or too old for -insert character's name here-. I wish they have the guts to say that to me on my face, but they fear me LOL. I know I'm not pretty, nor young nor thin, and I don't really care, but I know too my costumes are good ^^

Please excuse my terrible english!
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