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ACEN was quite good, got a hug from Vic and Jeff and Quiton when I happened to see 'em wander by...Also managed to snag the VERY last copy of the "Dead Fantasy" (the disc he handed out has DF Ep. I and II + Haloid on it..amoung other things..XD) that Monty Oum was handng out at ACEN, so I'm quite happy. Finding him was like playing "Ninja Where's Waldo" and Waldo didn't have his famous red and white striped shirt on ...><...though speaking of Waldo, we did have someone wandering around at ACEN dressed as Waldo....and Ronald McDonald...Oo....

Though trying to find Monty was fun, even though by the end of ACEN, the 'Monty brigade' could have probabaly told you everywhere he went all weekend nad even what the guy ate, if he happened to stop in at one of theconcession stands or something...That guy was followed like the secret service follows the president by the end of the con...><...half where folks seeking him, the other half where 'spotters' to relay back his location to the Epic Studios table in AA, where one of the artist there managed to snag him on Friday and was playing his DVD all weekend on his laptop at the end of the table. The Epic Studios guy was kinda like the unoffiical Monty Oum/Dead Fantasy sighting station...Every person looking ofr him went to that table to catch up on latest in movement, what he was wearing and so on...was crazy...XD
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