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Name of Commissioner honestdragonchina
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Sailor Moon costume
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item

Timeline (how long your order took to process) Took about 1 month for me to receive
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
- Seller has good communication, responded to all my emails nicely even when I was complaining about the costume not coming yet
- Seller was able to change colours for me, the colours looks good in the end
- The bows were sewn on, (my friends ordered from ebay seller TSSY2005 and said their bows looks funny when pinned to their fuku)
- Costume looks pretty good when put on
- Perfect fit
- Armbands were adjustable
- The material for the skirt and bows looks nice

- SHIPPING PRICE. That really annoyed me most, I paid $60usd for shipping, took 2 weeks to arrive to me because she shipped it standard shipping. Shipping for them only cost $15usd
- The body part of the fuku, the lower white part is made out of cheap material. Itís no noticeable however, but if you look up close you can tell itís cheap.
- The costume is SO Hard to put on and even HARDER to take off. The zip is so small and doesnít really help much.
- Bows werenít sewed on very good, I had to fix it
- GLOVES, they looked really stupid. So I bought another pair off ebay.
- The accessories they give you are rubbish (I think most china sellers on ebay, their tiaras and chokers are all bad), but luckily I thought ahead and bought a new tiara and choker off other sellers.
- The lower part of the skirt sticks up. But itís not noticeable either, Iím just picky

First of all, I knew ebay sellers steal pictures from yahoo auctions japan, but I was desperate for a Sailor Moon fuku, and searched ebay for someone who can change colours for me because I wanted to cosplay PGSM version. Honestdragonchina was the only seller that could do that for me so I thought Iíd just order from her. Altogether, it cost me $120USD. 60USD for the costume, 60USD for shipping. The shipping price was ridiculous but I thought Iíd get it anyway. I got really annoyed at the shipping because it took so long, my friends ordered after me from ebay seller TSSY2005 and received theirs 1 week later. When I first opened my package, I just thought it looked bad, I was so upset because I spent so much on it. The body part (lower white part) was made out of some cheap material. The gloves look ridiculous. It wasnít until I tried the costume on, I thought it looked pretty good. The back bow was longer when it wasnít meant to be, but Iím not complaining, it actually looks really good. The gloves were made of the same cheap material the lower part of the fuku was made out of, so I got a new pair. Overall, I thought it looks good, but not worth $120usd. You might be better off buying from TSSY2005 and sewing the bows on yourself. But honestdragonchina is a good seller ifyou want to change colours.

Final Grade: B
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