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Originally Posted by Vailen View Post
I looked in my profile and photos section but didn't find a way to change the profile icon.
Go to "Account," and you'll see a gray bar which says "profile icon." That's what you want.

Originally Posted by chibi_ma View Post
hey!i uploaded a new member profile picha but when i got to my profile its still the same old one.
and i know it uploaded it cause when i go to edit my picha the new one shows up. wuts going on?
Your internet cache is likely still thinking its the old image. Go to the page and press the "refresh" button on your browser a couple of times. That should fix it.

Originally Posted by Journey View Post
I posted at a thread but my post disappeared twice. =/ I think I'll just wait for it to be sorted from the spam (?) or is there some policy about posting.
I'm not sure why that would happen. Try PMing one of the mods about it.
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