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Name of Commissioner: Dream-Angels

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series: Rinoa Deluxe Duster and Armwarmers Only Set (Final Fantasy VIII)

My Rinoa Gallery:'s Rinoa Ad Gallery:

Timeline: From the time I ordered it, the set took about 3 1/2 - 4 weeks to complete and arrived to me 2 days after completion.

Pros: The fabric is absolutely beautiful. The instant I saw the duster and armwarmers they took my breath away. The wings on the back are perfectly identical to Rinoa's as well. The colour is true to Rinoa's and if you need the duster any longer than they specify they will do it for you no problem! The communication was a big part of this as well and I found it pleasant and easy to speak with them. I always had very quick answers every time, and the replies were always pleasant and "smilie"!

Cons: The armwarmers are a tiny bit wide but that's okay because they don't ask for arm measurements. Actually that shouldn't really be in the "cons" list at all since all I needed to do was tighten them a little bit. I guess the only thing is that the duster isn't overlocked so tiny little pieces come off at times but don't worry it's NOTHING YOU CAN'T FIX. I personally don't have that problem anymore, and I can always just overlock the fabric if I need to.

Comments: I am incredibly satisfied with the overall result. I got the duster set because I couldn't find the fabric either, like the other girl on here who reviewed I made the rest of my costume as well. I can honestly and fully reccommend, they are pleasureable to deal with and very co-operative.

Final Grade: A+
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