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Hi everone! Since Vocaloid is getting more and more popular in the U.S, I thought there should be a thread where vocaloid cosplayers can disscuss about their projects :3

in case some of you dont know about vocaloid, and are intrested in it, Vocalois& Vocaloid 2 is the computer software where, you can have these singers "Vocaloids" with distinct voices sing it out and song you feed to them! as well as composing some original songs by adding melodys and lyrics. here's more of an overview:

The most popular Vocaloid is Hatsune Miku(Blue Haired) but there are some more vocaloids than wikipedia covered:
I curious though, if these are official vocaloids or just fan characters.

I plan to cosplay the pink haired vocaloid Tonorinae Sai, and im wondering if some of you guys might help ^^

for the wig, should I get a generic pink (cotton candy pink) or a specific shade? if the second option, which would be more accurate?:

also what would you suggest for the arm sensor thingy's? and the Earphones/Headset?
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