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I've never heard of Tonorinae Sai as an official vocaloid
so she is more thenlikely fan made like xstjx said.

But rose pink and milkshake pink look to dark
and cotton candy pink seem to light
but..i think
there's a dull pink sold by
cog_marc or something on ebay.
I'm not sure how it looks in person but it's darker then cotton candy
but lighter then the other two.
For the headset
it should be easy
all you have to do
is get, ( i would use pleather or something but idk)
and put wiring in it so it holds its shape. ^^

Wow. so many Miku cosplayers
i thought no one really knew about Vocaloids
I'm planning on cosplaying Miku sometime
but i'm debating on three different types of wigs
one of them is the short wig
plus the clip on ponytails
and the other two
are just one wig put into pony tails.
and then one of them is the actual length
(which will probably kill me)
and one is a bit shorter..
and the price varies..>.<
Plus shipping from japan..x.x

but Tazzy
for Miku, the details you're talking about
are you talking about the little flashy things and name tags?
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