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Originally Posted by lollivamp View Post
she doesn't offiically have to have it, i've seen some good cosplays without those details although they do help!

i had a hard time finding close-ups of these details, too, untilllllllllll i found fan-made music videos of her in 3D ;3 one of my favorites [for details] is this:

but you can also just repeat the same pattern on the pleats like in this video:

the only question is HOW PEOPLE DO THIS D: screen printing, painting, what is it? :s
Thank you VERY much for that first link! Very helpful indeed, especially how it shows the designs "in action". Now i'm really inspired to incorporate glowing effects

As for how to do it, from what i've gathered, screen printing would be a nice idea. I think that would produce some nice, clean lines.
You could use metallic paints and add sparkles into it maybe?

Since the shapes are so basic on her skirt, maybe it would be possible to find some plan ol' stencils instead of screen printing. You could even make your own stencils from a sheet of plastic. Hmmm, I might look into that.

I've also seen people sew the individual pieces of metallic colour fabric onto the skirt with nice results as well

Or heck, maybe even reflective tape could work! I don't know how easy it is to get the correct colours though, and how it would look sitting on the skirt and not being lit up by a flash.

After seeing that video, I am now wondering how to pull off those circle/dial things on the right hand side of the skirt.
I'm thinking the bottom three dials could be screen printed in the same manner as the rectangle details on the skirt, but the top three, it would be cool to have them "pop out" of the skirt somehow.
Better break out the model magic again!

Originally Posted by wingedinfinity View Post

but Tazzy
for Miku, the details you're talking about
are you talking about the little flashy things and name tags?
I was talking about the coloured square/rectangle shapes on her skirt that you see sometimes.
I have decided that they should be included, because the image of Miku on the Vocaloid2 box shows the details on the skirt.

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