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Lol, I wanna see this.

So, I'm gonna cosplay Aoi at the next con I go to, but I know my face is to rounded. xD My friends say I look like either Die or Toshiya from Dir en grey according to these pictures.

I have my hair done in different ways a lot, so these are just ones of my hairstyles.

I am a girl, by the way. I may not look it, but I am. xD
Anime Festival Wichita 4 - 2008:

Saturday, 16: Aoi in Cassis PV
Sunday, 17: Aoi in Reila PV

Gazette Cosplay Group:
Ruki: Spot Opened
Uruha: Morgan
Aoi: Myself
Reita: Jade
Kai: Spot Opened

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