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Originally Posted by KwEeNofKoRn View Post
Well in about a week i will see if they are good or not. and im praying they are.
Hm out of curiosity, I was just wondering how your commission went with QQ cosplay. I can't seem to find your review here. ^^;;

Grrr, I tried to get a quote from Lime Barb for an AC Yuffie Costume, but they never replied. And just to see if it was the costume or my email, I requested a quote for a more expensive costume, and they replied to that.

I guess they didn't want to make that costume for me because they knew that it didn't cost that much, and they just wanted more bang for their buck. Though the 'more expensive' costume wasn't more complicated than the first...

Oh well, I guess that's the disadvantage commissionees have over commissioners--the commissioners get to choose what they want to have commissioned, and have the right to refuse service :-p
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