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Name of Commissioner: crazychocobo here on
Character commissioned: Entire AC Yuffie Costume, no wig and shoes.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: There are pictures of some of what she created on her profile page. See the link above.
Timeline If anything, I would say from October 17th '07 to Feb 11th, '08
Experience: I commissioned with this person because with the policy she had, I had nothing to lose. What she told me was that she would make the entire costume, and then show me pictures of the final product, calculate how much it cost to make it, and have me pay for however much it cost. If I didn't like it, she would go ahead and sell it on eBay. This to me seemed very interesting, and since I had nothing much to lose, I decided to go for it. Everything seemed to be going well for a bit. She did post a couple of progress pictures on her gallery, and although her english is a little shotty, everything was going well...until she randomly disappeared from the face of Well, I wouldn't say she disappeared, but she stopped replying to my PMs, although I clearly saw that she was on In February, she then PMed me that she was sick because she took too many shifts at work, and the costume was not done, and that she would send me whatever parts she had done with no shipping charges. I told her that this was fine, but was hesitant to give my address, so I just gave her some requests to change some parts of the costume. I assumed that if she was willing to send it to me, she would come on to and reply to this.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case. I would drop in a PM or two at the end of each week or so, but I got no reply after that message she sent to me about sending whatever she had finished. There was one point that I thought she had passed away from her illness or something! But I found out that she was on today at about 2 in the morning, so this removed all doubt that she had passed away ^^;;

From the looks of the costume from her pictures, there are a couple of inaccuracies that I wouldn't be too happy with such as the zippers and the hood strings. As you can see in the upper left corner, the strings look a bit cheap.

The other costumes in her gallery that she supposedly made looked really nice, which is another reason why I chose to commission a costume with her.

Pros: The policy is nice. I don't have to pay anything upfront, and I would have been able to look at the costume before deciding to pay for it...

Cons: ...though it was a bit naive of a decision on her part though because she could have wasted much of her time and money if I did not want the costume. From the pictures, there are some inaccuracies that I would have not been too happy with. Communication was very sporadic, and I think she's now ignoring me on for whatever reason.

In the end, I never received anything from her. Partially because I didn't give her my address, but even If I did, I doubt that I would have gotten anything anyway. I can't give her an F- because there was some apparent progress on the costume, but the communication was seriously lacking.

Final Grade: D-
Katsucon '08
Otakon '08

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