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Okay seriously... this is definitely my favorite thread on this whole board <3. I visit here every time I'm deciding on a wig to check out colors and style-ability. I posted in here a while ago, but I've done quite a few wigs since then so it's time to expand my list =D

Costume: Yui Hongo (piccies here)
Wig: Mac (by Sepia)
Color: 24 (Golden Blonde)
Styling Notes: Um... I don't think I did anything to this wig ^^;;. It's pretty curly in the back so I brushed it down so it would lay flatter, but that's about it. Very low maintenance ^___^.

Costume: Chii (piccies here)
Wig: Amanda (by Sepia)
Color: 613 (Bleach Blonde)
Styling Notes: To put it bluntly, this wig is now in the trash xD;. I had lots of problems with this wig; for one, it was suuuuper thin in the back (although I think this was largely in part to the very light color, it was easy to see through to the netting). I also had a ridiculously hard time styling the bangs because the fibers would not react to heat and/or hair spray at all. Not to mention that it tangled like a mother. I've had long wigs that have tangled before, but at least I could detangle it once I was done wearing it... but this wig was pretty much shot after one use. I dunno. I know a lot of people have had good experiences with the Amanda so I don't want to shoot it down entirely, but mine certainly wasn't one of em >___<.

Costume: Draco Malfoy (piccies here)
Wig: Roni (by New Look)
Color: 613 (Golden Yellow Blonde)
Styling Notes: This is a wig I would highly recommend for short guys styles... even with my long hair tucked up in the cap, there was still plenty of coverage in the back the hide it all comfortably. I think I trimmed the bangs on this one slightly, but that's about it!

Costume: Treecko (piccies here)
Wig: The infamous Punky (by New Look)
Color: Dark Green
Styling Notes: I think everyone is probably familiar with Punky... xD! The fibers are course towards the scalp of the wig, but that's what gives it that amazing 80's volume, and the tips of the hair are high quality so it all evens out in the wash. This one I razor trimmed the back to make it shorter (not like you can see it under my hoodie ^^;; ) and just swooped the bangs across my forehead and pinned them in place with a bobby pin... yay for ghetto costumes!

I'm working on 4 more (wow omg) wigs right now, a purple Punky XL that is fully spiked but I still need to take pictures of, a 613 Cleo that is currently being parted for ponytails/stubbed, a black Cleo that will be worn as is, and an off-black D.Boy that will be cut short and semi-spiked. I'll post all those once I finish em, which will be in the next month or so (oh gawd so much work to do ;____; ).
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