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Originally Posted by NyuNyu View Post
Yeah he's familiar with SAS - that one is down the street from me! ^^ It just stinks that all the Hancock fabrics except Tucson have closed now. =( There really aren't a lot of variety or options in Arizona for fabric.
wait, all of them died, when?? The hancock on university in mesa was fine just before saboten, don't tell me it has died while I was on vacation!!!! NOOOOOO!! I'm gonna go over tomarrow and see if its still there. I knew I should have gone before I left.

Anyway, back on topic
there are actually plenty of cosplayers in arizona (alot of us seem to have no web presence though). We have plenty of cosplay events around, PCC, Saboten, Phoenix Con Games, Anizona (or not), anime tucon, matsuri festival, and other random things pop up all the time.
We are slowly losing events though, like PAF and mabey Anizona, and there is probably little hope for a return of the Otaku University Conference.

Only big problem with cosplaying in arizona is finding materials, Christophe had a running joke at Saboten about how he was going to print out a list of places to buy cosplay materials to pass out at his panel, but he coulden't find any in our stupid state.

rant over.
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