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Another Arizona cosplayer here - I'm in north-western Peoria, practically out in Sun City. Boy, do I ever feel the pain of having nowhere but JoAnn to shop at! D= I do occasionally take the trip out to the SAS at 19th and Peoria and have dropped by the Hobby Lobby at I-10 and the 101 once or twice, but seeing as how both are 40+ mile round-trips and given the cost of gas, I don't go very often.

As for me, I'm a bit older (28) and usually focus my time and money on books and video games and one or two BIG cons (Dragon*Con is, by far, my favorite con) instead of anime and manga and lots of smaller anime cons. What few anime and manga series I am familiar with tend to be at least a decade old, and I tend to get blank looks when talking to the younger fans. I don't do near as much sewing as I would like as my job eats up most of my time. Not knowing other people who cosplay makes it difficult to get motivated even when I DO have time.

However, the SunaCosu group looks really interesting! I can't make it to the June meeting (today... have to work. stupid work!), but maybe I can clear my schedule for the July or August get-togethers. It would be nice to meet other people and get back into the swing of costuming. =D
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