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Originally Posted by DisposblAssassn View Post
That's great. I let them know on the forums. We'll see you there!
Man I missed the gathering because I tried to get into the forums at the last minute and they were closed. I will have to try for next time I guess...

Originally Posted by NyuNyu View Post
Yeah he's familiar with SAS - that one is down the street from me! ^^ It just stinks that all the Hancock fabrics except Tucson have closed now. =( There really aren't a lot of variety or options in Arizona for fabric.
Hmm....I'm glad I read this.

wonders how in the world nyunyu is able to reply to all these millions of forums she is on....

I also wonder if there are any pictures on the web of the Final Fantasy gathering at saboten-con

Days until Anime Expo....

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