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I think if I were a girl and wanted to do a difficult crossplay like this I would try to make a partial body prosthetic! (I am currently looking into making a convincing open cleavage which would make certain female costumes accessible). Yes it is is difficult, but not impossible ..depending on your skill, artistry, and budget.

Option 1
The easiest solution, I agree with WoggyWooWoo is to bind and wear a tight shirt which has a male physique painted on. ..if not you would have to paint a shirt up youself.

Option 2
The next best solution I think would be some sort of foam rubber muscle suit. I've seen them in fancy dress shops. They tend to be OTT parodies rather than realistic torsos, but well.. it could work.

Option 3
The third and most demanding solution ( but the most convincing) would be to fabricate your own prosthetic male chest piece. I am talking about the route that film SP/FX go down. This would invlove a number of stages for best results...

First you make a mould of your own front torso and produce a solid life cast of your own front torso area (with boobs already binded down), so the finished prosthetic will custom fit you exactly.
Then you can sculpt on top of this solid casting a nice male physique.
Then you make a mould of the finished shape.
Then you make a soft silicone casting from the mould using translucent flesh coloured silicone.
Then you paint this silicone prosthetic to look like real fleash using an airbrush.
If you want a complete torso you can have a zip festener concealed down a side or back. Then you wear the whole torso prosthetic like a vest. You would feel completely covered even though the appearance is completely exposed. And once you have the body piece it could be used for countless other crossplays..

I would guess however that option 3 is just not possible for most people. But I added it to show that if you are determined and skilled (or can pay someone else to do it) - it is very possible.
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