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rally socks high tops
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Originally Posted by wingedinfinity View Post
Yeah XD
i found one that would reach the floor on me
and it was the correct shade since
it was made specifically for her
the only thing
is that it's like..$90 not including shipping from japan
which is probably extra 50 >.<

so i might just go with cosplay wig's one
Shipping shouldn't be that much, cosplaywig's located in like Hong Kong and it's only 9.99 to the US flat rate so Japan shouldn't be like super expensive. D:

I'm really short (like 5') so an Amanda-length wig is pretty much the right length for me. >< I was thinking of getting a cosworx Ivy, though, and stubbing the pigtails since they're so wtf_HUGE. I'll def. be needing a ton of extensions, i can tell. XD
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