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Tutorial: Temporarliy colouring dark eyebrows, the 2 dollar method!

I know what you're thinking,
"What?! Is she mad? A two dollar method for turning my black eyebrows perfectly blonde?! BLASPHEMY! Where's my pitchfork! D:< "
But yes! There is a way, and I have proof in the form of pictures! Now, onto the tutorial!

* Please note: this tutorial is not only for people with dark eyebrows wanting to turn them blonde. It also works for all shades of eyebrows, and all desired colours. Meaning: pink, blue, green, orange, pastel shades, white, skin tones etc...

School glue
Acrylic Paint (in the your desired colour)
Thin paint brush
- Yes thatís all. And whatís this? All these materials are available at the dollar store and at home? My gosh!

1. Comb out, or tame your eyebrows so they are all traveling in the same direction. This can be as simple as running a fine toothed comb over them, or even just guiding your fingers over them. This step just makes the technique look more neat.

2. Squirt a line of school glue over your eyebrow. Depending on thickness of your eyebrows, you may want to do two lines.
*Now hold on! Before anyone starts grilling me with flames of "what idiot puts glue in their hair!!!?" I'd like to direct your eyes to the front label of the school glue bottle. See that big bolded word that reads "Washable"? Both it and I can guarantee that this glue will wash out with warm water. I put my complete trust in school glue and can testify that I have even used it in my hair before and it washed out easily.

3. With your paintbrush, spread the glue evenly across your eyebrow with strokes going with the grain (or direction) of your hair. Make sure to overlap onto your skin just a little to get all your hair. Wait for it to dry... (Depending on how thick or unruly your eyebrows are, you may want to do a second coat of glue overtop the first dried coat, but usually one layer is enough)

4. Once the glue is completely dry, you should have a hard, crisp eyebrow waiting to be painted over with the acrylic paint. Just wash the glue off your brush and use it to paint your eyebrow.

TA DA! Nice light eyebrows to match your wigs light hair! Aren't you the dedicated cosplayer

Before technique (pardon, our goofy pose): (note the person in the white's dark eyebrows compared to the wig)

While painting:


Overall Questions:
Q: How long does this technique take?
A: Around 5 minutes. We did it in the parking lot of the con.

Q: How long does it last?
A: The whole day. When we did this to my friends black eyebrows, they stayed blonde the entire day in 28 degree Celsius weather. We did a touch up of the paint around the end of the day, but they didn't really need it.

Q: Makeup?
A: It's better to do your makeup before doing your eyebrows, as foundation/concealer on top of school glue looks really tacky and obvious. Powder however, isn't very noticeable.

Q: What type of paint and glue did you use?
A: We've used both Elmer and Ross school glue. For paint we used FolkArt, but I've also used more expensive brands with the same results. Dollar store paint is perfectly useable.
*Edit* For those still wondering what School glue is, I've been told it's also called PVA glue in some countries

Q: Does it wash out?
A: As I mentioned above, a warm/hot facecloth wiped over your eyebrow will take both the paint and the glue out.

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