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Originally Posted by november.eyes View Post
It might just be my misunderstanding of ArtAttack, but I was under the impression that PVA glue was glue with water mixed into it? Was I wrong?

Ah, as I mentioned above, concealer doesn't look to pretty overtop the glue, because concealer itself isn't too thick (so it doesn't clog pores). Infact, it's rather see through. Have you tried a skin colour paint yet?

Make sure your paint isn't too watery as the more watery it is, the more layers you'll have to paint on (hence why tempura and watercolour paints don't work at all).

Hope that helps
-smacks head- why didn't I think of that? Though I'm not sure if I'll be able to mix my coloured skin >w<;; I'll experiment later today and see what happens. This is a really great method =D

Oh, and you might be thinking of water based. PVA is a water based glue, so it cleans up with water Hence why schools use it, it's cheap and easy to clean x3

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