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Feawen - Yes, I am sorry to inform you that the Mesa Hancocks is closing! =( Get your bargains while you still can! Well...if 40-50% off is a bargain to you lol. They should mark it down more; that's coupon price. Then I heard from a friend in Flag their's is closing too. Last time I talked to Kisa there were still a couple in Tucson.

That seems to be an ongoing problem, with conventions only being one year. Otaku University and Phoenix Animefest will likely never return. Anime TuCon looks iffy. SabotenCon will return, and Phoenix ComiCon is expanding every year! ^_^ Phoenix ConGames is adding more costume and anime programming as well as other conventions, especially as SunaCosu gets more involvement. =D

LOL @ Cristoph xD sad but true.
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