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Reliable sources for Gold/yellow contacts

Oh, the joys of shopping for colored contacts....

Since I can't afford lenses that come in my perscription, I've decided to get some non-powered colored lenses (and just wear my glasses while walking around at conventions....which is fine with me because I can just take them off for photos)

After much researching and browseing on the web, I've decided that I want to get a pair of Angelic Yellow lenses for one of my cosplays. They're the right color and opaque enough for what I need (and other cosplayers have commented that they're a good choice)
However, I'm debating on where to order them from.

Here's one site that I haven't heard anything about, but it's the cheapest I could find ($30 per lense):

And here's a site that looks more reliable, but slightly more expensive ($35 per lense):

has anybody ordered from either of these sites or know any better sites to order from? I know cosplaylab has them for $80, but I'm trying to be as cost-efficiant as I can....(but safe at the same time)

another thing:
the contacts I want are only available with a 8.6 base curve and 14.5 diameter.....but my perscription is a 8.7 base curve and 14.4 diameter....would I still be able to wear contacts like those?

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