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Ah I have to do a completely front exposed crossplay for 2009. I have everything planned out for it because I have a tutorial and such for complete open chest cosplays.

However the problem with this method I use is that its expensive. And Airbrush Machine (air compressor and all) is pretty expensive, can purchase it on ebay of course. And you need a Leotard (the stuff gymnastics wear in flesh color or what the skin color of the character is)

Since I can't really explain the tutorial D8 if you still need help I wouldn't mind sending you the tutorial. It's in japanese but every single step has a picture - the tutorial is best for characters with muscle that is well pretty much impossible to get if your female, and I'd think those who would like to return to their feminine selves once in a while would rathor the tutorial then bulking up in real life... if your interested PM me 8D and I would love to send the tutorial to you.
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