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I just attended AXNY 2002, with two of my friends along with my mom, and she was perfectly fine with everything. She helped me with my costume (sometimes, but otherwise, it was all done by mwe), and said that she wanted to come with us to see what it was all about.

After the convention she said she had a lot of fun, and she didn't stop us from being friendly to other cosplayers (^__^) wai! She doesn't know much about anime though, but she bought the most expensive thing out of all of us there!! (A fine japanese black kimono! O_O *gimme!!*)

This year, however, to Otakon 2003, my friend Melissa is having her dad come with us, and he LOVES anime!! (LUCKY!!) We're driving there, and her car has a VCR and a tv, so we're gunna be drowned out in anime (five of my other friends are going too ^^) ... wheefun! I think we're spending a night or two (or more..) there as well.

But when we go to AXNY again in '03, methinks my mom is coming with us again, and she said we'd spend the night this time around ^^;; I've already started on my costume, and plan on getting my materials next weekend on Columbus Day, and mom just says that if my grades are good and stuff, I can work on my costume this early in the year ^^

@__@ My dad is just as good as she is (a little less paranoid too lol)

~ Chiri
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