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I have a brother, im not sure the model number, but it was the absolutely cheapest sewing machine at walmart. also my first sewing machine. it cost me like 80$.

i think its a great beginners sewing machine, but thats it. its very easy to understand, strait stitch, mountain stitch, and a couple variations of those. tension control. comes with foot for button holes. served me well enough for the year ive owned it.

there are quite a few downfalls to it. when i first got it, it kept getting grease on the string, so anything white looked black or grey at first. turned out there was just an overabundance of grease on one of the mechanism and after cleaning it out with a q tip it was fine. ive definitely stressed lots of different weights under it and have seen that it can easily handle most fabrics twice or thrice over. cases, like in corners, where it gets real bulky, it might need a lil help getting under the foot, and then i recommend going nice and slow, cause with too much material, it has caused nasty gather on the other side. also, anything very very thin and working on teeny tiny hems, the machine might pull down the fabric and munch it. =/
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