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queerish man-girl-thing.
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Actually, just about every cosplay I have done has been male. xD
For some reason, I'm tomboyish enough to feel much more comfortable dressed as a male than female. My mother's really cool about it; she didn't seem surprised at all when I told her I was cosplaying a male for the first time.
My dad's still wierded out by it.
But he can suck it. xD I don't really care.
All of my friends don't find anything like that out of the normal; I dress like a guy at least once a week anyway. Most of my female friends crossdress, and the ones that don't don't have a second thought on it. Same goes with my male friends. :3
My grandparents are still a little "o______O" about it, along with the rest of the family, but I think it's because they're all rediculously conservative, and just don't really get it.

But besides that, I don't know anyone else's opinion, because I don't talk about it much with those who aren't into anime, or cosplaying, or anything like that.
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