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Watchmen: movie and comic

Since there's no current thread and the movie preview just hit the theaters, I thought I'd start something up!

So, who is putting together Watchmen stuff?

I know it may become an overdone costume, but I've decided to put together a Rorschach cosplay before the movie is released. I'm basing most of it on his outfit at the end of the comics -- outside the base -- though I may take a few color cues from the movie photos that have been released so far.

I've got all the clothing on its way and plan to appropriately weather and bloody things up -- just about every Rorschach I've seen so far is too clean! While I wait for things to arrive, I'm doing some little accessories - the sugar cubes and calling cards.

Hopefully I can throw this together before Otakon, but it may have to wait for D*C.

So, anyone else? Especially if anyone is brave enough to do Dr. Manhattan (and not wuss out and wear a tux ), lol.
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