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Originally Posted by Ironekilz View Post
I don't have time to do it this year for DC, but my boyfriend and I are planning on cosplaying Silk Spectre and NightOwl (comic versions not movie versions) for next DC. He's never cosplayed before and I aim to corrupt him.
YES! As much as I liked the movie trailer, I was rather disappointed in seeing what I consider too "modern" costumes for Night Owl and Silk Spectre. Clashes a bit with the 80s setting.

Originally Posted by Radleia View Post
And what an awesome preview it was! I've not read the comic...though my hubby and I own it. I'm afraid if I read the comic, I'll hate the movie no matter how kick ass it is. ><
Read it! And then, read it again! Seriously, it kicks enough ass to stand on its own if the movie sucks.

Originally Posted by insight_blue View Post
I've been thinking of cosplaying Watchmen ever since the preview came out. I'm a girl, but Rorschach is one of my favorite characters ever, and I'm debating cosplaying him at Megacon.
Go for it -- by nature of his costume design, he's an easy enough crossplay (guess it helps that he is short, too, lol). Then we can be dueling Rorschachs. And um, have a sugar cube eating contest or something. Hurrrr...
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