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It'd be easier to delete the damn review then keep explaining this.

Let me lay this all out again:
-I ask for petticoat
-girl gives it to me
-looks normal
-I try it on day 3 and it's not usable [too puffy]

-I have tried on the thing, but I didn't have a proper skirt with me and it honestly wasn't feasible. It was sort of a sporadic purchase.

Why I'm upset with it:
-The girl said nothing about the size
-it looks normal

Why my grade stays:
-I'm not trying to blame them. I just don't feel 100% satisfied with something that was a rather unfortunate error. Why should I give them an A for excellence when it's not true in my case?
-B[-] isn't particularly bad. The thing ended up serving me some purpose in the end.
-I do not feel 100% confident with purchasing again with them at this point, partially because the girl said nothing, so now I'll have to be on the look out more then I would have expected.
-They did not go above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction [the girl said nothing!]
-They may be a fine retailer, but I felt they could've improved on informing me of such an abnormal little thing.
-"still recommended as they bear possibility of improvement"
-"this might have been a fluke in a history of excellence"

I believe a B- fits my situation. This is a review based off my experience. If people have an issue with it, they can decide that themselves, but I'm not changing it. You may think I'm stupid and naive for what happened, but I can't go back and change what did.

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