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Name of Merchant: She goes by Ms. Juri Arisugawa


Item: One Small Paopu Plushie. for $7.50. (Plushie was $5, shipping was $2.)

Links to picture(s) of your received item:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I began contact with her 7/10. And sent the money on 7/17. She was out of town for a little bit, so she sent the plushie out July 23. The package came in exactly in one week. (well okay 6 days.) She lives in Georgia, I live in Maryland.

Comments: Lack of communication made me worry at first, but that was because she got called out of town unexpectedly so that wasn't too much of a problem to me. She was really nice and prompt with the emails in general. The plushie's nice and soft, and although it is unsymmetrical, I like it because it gives the illusion of a naturally grown paopu. Item is just as pictured on the cosplay marketplace! I recommend this if anyone wants a decent paopu prop. She also sells larger pillow ones, which I might buy if the ones at Otakon are way too expensive.
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