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Name of Commissioner: Sukunai Kitsune
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.):
Vocaloid 2 Mascot Hatsune Miku wig
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Official Picture

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Around 5-6 months.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Before I get shot down, when I said that as long as the wig arrived in time for the con then I wouldn't be angry or upset. Thats because I assumed the wig to be better than this. Sukunai Kitsune has more experience than me as a cosplayer, she is an amiable person and has done some excellent work, but I'm afraid this wig isn't a credit to her.
I searched for a commissioner back in February/March for this wig, and chose Sukunai Kitsune for said reasons above. Everything was fine, she said she would have the wig done by June, which was two months before the con pretty much and was around 4 months. I pmed her once or twice between Feb/March and June, between this time I also asked for another wig to be commissioned but thats a different story. Also I will double check with pms but I'm very sure that she only had the base wig etc in hand near the beginning of June, rather than having it nearly completed,
(Stock and supplier problems? Probable.)
Once it came fully came round to June communication hit a dead end. Which to tell you the truth scared the living daylights out of me. Not because of the thought of losing the money spent or anything, but by the fact this cosplay will be my first proper cosplay at my first large anime convention, and it means so much to me. I lost communication with her for about a month, of solid silence, but she was on nearly everyday as her profile showed.
Then she came back saying she was busy with an anime con of her own and preparation etc took longer than expected, which is why she could get back to me. Also because of work and school. Fair enough I thought for the work and school, but when I have already paid you around 4 months ago, you hold your cosplays of a higher priority than my commission? T.T

I waited and the wig was finally shipped out on the 17th of July, with my con on the 8th of August. Its here now. I opened the box and immediately I noticed that the colour wasn't what I expected. Of course its impossible to tell by just a reference picture, so moving on. I took the wig out and saw that the wig already had ponytails like Sukunai Kitsune told me. Okay, no real problem there but, the wig was somewhat messy at the back. ^^; Because of the ponytails as seen in this picture, it bunches up a lot, rather than the hair being relatively neat, there are kinks where it seems as if the hair hadn't been brushed thoroughly and tied tightly into the ponytail causing the weight of the ponytail to cause all the kinks.
The extensions to attach onto the wig are secure, but with all the loose black thread showing, all the white showing through and the slightly odd shortly cut hair around it which looks like this really took the biscuit. I assume it was put into plaits to stop it from knotting severly which worked- but made the extensions wavy when they are pretty much poker straight in the official picture.
The wig doesn't cover the wig cap either. I know my head isn't small, lol, but the sides and back are clearly visible.
I cannot help but think all these problems would have been solved much earlier, if progress pictures where shown. Work and school is time consuming, I know as a student who works part time myself with important exams attacking left, right and center. But when she was on nearly every single day... Especially when I pmed and didn't receive a reply despite the fact the time of last activity is shown, showing daily visits.
I was very scared and worried.
Pros: I am very very happy I do have a wig at the end of the day though, because even if the amount of time work and effort where put into it isn't as I imagined or expected, it was still styled to be like Miku by Sukunai Kitsune to be in the way she interpreted it to be. It gives me a clear view of the standard firsthand.
Sukunai Kitsune is excellent at styling wigs- but from this I think only short, spikey wigs such as her wonderful KH ones, like she has stated that she specialises in, in her sig.
And I do regret having not taken that fully into consideration in February.
I'm sorry. I'm not out here to bash, I was just stating the situation with this commission. ><

Now I await my next wig...
Final Grade: C+

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