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Originally Posted by aavlee View Post
I've been seriously considering going Dr. Manhattan for Wondercon... Maybe for the Masquerade? Haha, not sure if I have the guts to shave my head though. A bald cap might be an option... I think I'd opt out of the speedo and go for maybe some fitted shorts. The big question is footwear, maybe some sandals?
If you flip through the comic, you'll see that Dr. M's "costume" devolves from a full bodysuit to total nudity. There's probably a variation somewhere that suits your modesty.

I'm always impressed when people go the distance to shave their head... but if you go the bald cap, be very careful to blend in that seam and make sure your body makeup matches well.

As for footwear, check the comic -- he might have shoes at one point, though I think Dr. M ditched footwear once he got to the shorts stage of his incredible shrinking outfit. If you go flipflops, look for (or alter) some in blue. And then take them off for photos?
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