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Name: Cosplay Magic


Item purchased (please include quantity):
1) Inuyasha robes set
-included necklace and toe socks props
1) Inuyasha White Wig w/ ears


Timeline (how long your order took to process):
about two weeks including shipping


Costume looks nice
Experience with ordering was easy
Included accessory props without having to order seperately
Discount for buying wig along with costume

Wig and Ears seemed a little on the cheap side, but not too bad.

Overall experience was good. I am happy with how my costume looks. Prices were relatively low so I can't complain too much about quality. Only real hang-up was that the ears and the wig were not what I was expecting. Not a big deal. A good choice if you need something soon and don't have time to make or commission it. Would by from again.

Overall Grade: A-
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