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it's a sparkly!
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Talking Post Your PHotos! :)



I had such a lovely relaxin time though! Everyone looked so lovely, and everyone was so friendly! (hopefully Mitch and I weren't TOO shy!)

Thanks for such a faboo time! it was marvelously organized, lots of cameras, great location, and tons of food! (eeP!)

I hope you guys continue to have gatherings!

this was really a nice mini-break for me, as I've been working way too hard, and taking a day off to dress up in fancy costumes and goof off in a gorgeous breezy park was just plain yummy.

and without further ado, some photos:

sorry I don't have more! Mitch and I should have gotten more random pics, and more pics of each person!

oh well! I'm sure others will recitify this situation with their own photos!

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