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I got a question.

I understand what sewing machines are but what is the difference between them and sergers?

When I was in high school we had one to do the inside stitches and I never really learned much about it. (Someone else had to sew for me b/c I wasn't great doing it straight xD, at least I'm somewhat better now)

Oh and would a serger be better for a beginner cosplayer or would you prefer a regular sewing machine?
You know those stitches on your clothing? The complicated loops between the straight stitches? That is what a serger does. A sewing machine does more simpler stitches, serger's are for more heavy duty (and machine washing)

I would recommend a sewing machine for a beginning cosplayer. I handsewed my garments at the beginning and when I finally got to use a machine, it was something completely foreign to me. Yes I was still sewing, which I was good at by hand, but it was different. I can't imagine starting out with a serger, they're complicated to thread at times and more than one needle is going at once X_x; A machine alone takes some getting used to (at least for me), but a serger for the beginning @_@

I just came here to say what beginners should look for in a sewing machine, thank you for allowing me the opportunity! You should at least have a zig zag and straight stitch option, along with a reverse stitching lever (or button on some) with different stitch lengths and widths (You'd want long running straight stitches for when you practice or test out a new method on mockups) If you are not getting these options, you are being ripped off.
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