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Name of Commissioner: Ajie Nugroho
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight (Lolita dress from artbook)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: here and here
Timeline: Requested quote 4/18/08 told it would take 2 months from time of payment, paid 6/5/08, recieved pictures of completed costume 8/4/08, recieved costume 8/16/08
Describe your Experience: I had been wanting to get into Lolita fashion for sometime now, and I had absolutely fallen in love with this dress. I knew with my current costume load and the detail involved in the costume, I really couldn't make it myself. Since this was my first time getting a costume commissioned, I approached it with extreme causion, sending out several ad responces and reading the reviews posted in this thread. Ajie of cosplay1 was one of the first to respond to my requests for quotes. I was told the dress could be done in time for AWA as well. The price quoted seemed fair but not to cheap, and with all the possitive reviews, I chose Cosplay1 to commission the dress for me.
Pros: Communication was excellent and I always recieved prompt responces. The price was fair, not too cheap, but not super expensive either. The dress came out exactly like I wanted, as a 3 piece set and not one solid dress. All the accessories I requested arrived with the dress and the gloves and petticoat were also included, two items I didn't directly request but still wanted. Not only did they honor all of my requests, they went above and beyond with my costume.
Cons: None
Comments: Highly recommended!
Final Grade: A+
New Cosplays for 2011:
Nurse!England (Hetalia)
Haku (Utauloid)-80%
Heisuke (Hakuouki)-50%
Panty (PSG)-45%
Punk!England (Hetalia)-90%
Pirate!England (Hetalia)-95%
Queen of Hearts! Japan (Hetalia)-10%
Kyouko (Madoka)-5%

~Soliel Hime
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