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Name of Commissioner: Trigonsson gallery:

Character commissioned: Shiori Takatsuki of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Wig only

Links to picture(s):
right side:
left side:

Timeline: I approached him with the request in November and received it in July.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: Well...look at it. It is absolutely stunning! It's the perfect color, perfect style, easy to wear, and for some reason it doesn't make me look like a man, like short hair normally does. It's easy to care for and store, the timing was perfect, communication was was just the perfect transaction. He even padded and taped the box to keep it as pristine as possible in travel, and it was utterly unharmed despite shipping during weather that is all too often death for innocent wigs in transit.
Cons: Nada.
Comments: This wig was originally planned to debut at AX '08, and I got a frantic PM in early June where he confessed he was not quite ready with it, but had already pulled one all-nighter to work on it and was utterly willing to do what he needed to do to get it to me on time, provided I gave him an exact date for shipping. Unfortunately my AX plans fell through and I quite contently waited another few weeks for its arrival, but I am still utterly convinced that if I'd needed it that same week, he would have come through. It was like there was nothing he wouldn't do to keep a deadline. That entire situation was my own doing for not keeping the commissioner up-to-date on my situation as is the responsibility of the customer, and for it I apologize.

Final Grade: A+, and a strong recommendation for anyone in need of a very specific or otherwise difficult to manage color for their wig.

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