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*This is a Merchant Review

Name of Merchant: Sakura Wigs
Item purchased: 1 120cm Base wig in NO1
Links to picture(s):
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered Nov 27 2007. Recieved mid July of this year.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:The price seemed reasonable for the wig, and at first we were given a arrival date of the end of January. That came and passed, then after many emails we finally got a response that the wig we ordered was lost in transit. So they sent a replacement one that they said they had "in stock." To my knowledge the company is in Canada - the 2nd wig arrived from China. It was poorly packaged, the wig was frizzy and completely kinked. The worst came when I tried it on and the top of the wig did not have enough hair to cover a bald spot. No matter which way you part it, it does not cover it. Also there is a loose weft(it's easily fixable, however unprofessional.) So after waiting over 200 days for a wig that should have taken 6 weeks to arrive, I was dissapointed and upset. I had less than a week to get a new wig from a different company. They do not get an F, since after all whenever they did get around to answering emails, they were pleasant.
Final Grade: D
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