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Name of Commissioner: DizzyLizzy gallery:

Character commissioned: Juri Arisugawa of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Xemnas of Kingdom Hearts II

Links to picture(s):
Juri (the orange one of the two):

Xemnas (the grey):

Timeline: The double commission was kind of accidental. I sent the request and payment for Juri in early January, then about 20 days later added Xemnas on top of the order. They arrived together in early July.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: As far as the overall customer/seller experience, she has perfection down to a science. There were constant updates--I never didn't know what was going on. She always consulted me before making a aesthetic changes to make sure I got the look I wanted, regardless of what she actually thought might be better in some cases She has a magic way of truly involving the customer. When you receive your pristine wig in the mail, you already know it in and out--you've been with it since it was a little base wig, know what went into molding it and how to handle it. It's the color you wanted with the little details and requests you'd hoped for, because she made double sure you were getting exactly what you invested in.
Considering the products themselves, I don't think I could be happier. She handled Juri in a rather unconventional way--I've never seen another cosplayer with this manner of solution to her style, and I adore it. Similarly, I have never seen a better wig. It actually belongs to my brother, the cosplayer, and I am hopelessly envious that he has the best Xemnas wig I have ever seen.
Cons: The only curiosity I had was actually with the Xemnas wig. In the first two shots you view it from the right side, and it looks stunning. In the frontal shots, however, you can see that the left is...quite different. The two front spikes overlap each other, completely blocking his left eye and meshing together almost as one in every picture from the front. They are styled in the same way as the right side, but the backmost side just won't behave. If I'd had more time I would've tried maybe a combination of water and spray to try and tame it into place--I'm pretty sure it was just an effect of the summer heat and shipping. A risk I chose to take by having it sent in July, so not something I'd hold her accountable for.

Comments: If you're looking for the single greatest customer/commissioner experience you will ever receive, go no further. She not only wants to help you get a great, accurate and stunning look, but wants to be your friend Normally this level of interaction is discouraged in business situations--or wherever an exchange of money occurs--but there was never a question here of regretting such. She is extremely accommodating and friendly, while simultaneously professional--no awkwardness if you make a mention of something you'd like to do differently than she intended, and that sort of comfort really is rare in a commissioning experience.

Final Grade: A+, a million times, A+. If you've got an intimidating wig project you're worried about trusting to someone else and yet can't manage yourself, this is who you have got to go to.

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