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Name of Merchant: Amphigory
Item purchased (please include quantity): wig (Jenny in 1B), extensions in 1B
Links to picture(s) of your received item: (after styling)
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 weeks
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
I ordered the Kathryn wig in 1B on July 21. The next day, I received an email that both the Kathryn and the Carol (similar style, but slightly different bangs) were out of stock in the 1 and 1B colors. I asked for recommendations on a similar style for a long, black wig with bangs and the associate suggested the Jenny wig instead (but did advise me that the ends were curled). I asked them to change my order, and they happily did so. I didn't have to fill anything else out to change the order, which was really nice.

I needed the wig by August 8 (giving me some time to work on it before AFest) and it was shipped to me on August 4. Nice prompt delivery.

The customer service was excellent - as soon as I placed my order and there was a problem, Amphigory contacted me to fix it. They suggested a replacement and were knowledgeable about their wig selection. I received shipping information as soon as the wig was mailed out so I knew exactly when to expect delivery.

I will definitely order from Amphigory again.

Final Grade: A+
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