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Black Cerenity
(Cage) Kyo - Dir en Grey (blouse, pants, jacket, skirt, tie)
2 months
I turned to this company initially because they were cheap. The commission time was the normal two months. This costume has a good construction but it's not entirely accurate, sized correctly, or what I was expecting. She used a much shinier fabric than the pictures showed, too. Nothing fit right in this costume: the sleeves were nearly 5 inches too long on the shirt and the shirt was too long and big for me, the jacket did not hug my body in any way (though the sleeves of the jacket were just fine!), the skirt sat way to low on my hips, and the pants have this magical ability of erasing my butt they were so tight. The collar was overszied and so the clip on tie wouldn't stay on. She had all of my measurements, there was no excuse for that. Two of my buttons fell off after wearing the costume less than a few hours. My costume also smelled horrible when it came out of the box, as if it has been worn to a con already and not washed.
Final Grade: C-


Black Cerenity
(Macabre) Shinya - Dir en Grey (top, cuffs, choker, skirt, shoes)
2.5 months
Being the gullible idiot I am, I decided to give this company another chance. There were no photos of this costume yet so I believe mine is the one currently shown on the web page. This costume just barely fit. The sleeves were much too short and the cuffs were oversized. The skirt fit on my waist but was EXTREMELY high on my waist. The top was stretchy and so though it was too small, it fit me..after severe binding. I've since lost weight and so the costume fits better but..still, another unexcusable missizing. I also had even more issues with the accuracy. I talked with the woman in advance to discuss how this costume would be made since I was considered about accuracy. She reassured me I'd get all the details I was asking for...I got none of them. The collar was a studded choker, for example. The sleeves were not a black spiderweb mesh but this hideous, shiney spiderweb print. The buckles were completely off and when tightened were off center. All the black straps on the top had been ignored (just look at the photos yourself!). I was so disappointed I ended up ripping the entire thing apart and reputting it back together in a more accurate fashion. Also, when the package was left on my doorstep, I had no idea it was my costume. To this day I have no idea how everything was crammed into such a small box with so little care. My costume also seemed to have an odd smell to it when it smelled like sweat before I ever wore it. I don't think it was washed before being sent out! Just like my last costume.
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