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Name of Commissioner: CosplayOne


Character commissioned: Adiane the Elegant from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Links to picture(s):

Timeline: I made the order in March and received the costume at the end of May.

Describe your Experience.

Pros: They were fast! They gave me well enough time to fully complete the outfit by Otakon. Also, they were wonderful with their communication. They responded to my emails quickly and almost all my questions were answered. There were two times where I did ask them a question and it was ignored, but they were nothing big, so it didn't bother me. Another plus was their embroidery... AMAZING!! Simply amazing!!! All the designs, from the yellow butterflies to the eyepatch, were embroidered.

Cons: Despite all the measurements I gave them, the outfit was still a bit too small. But only by a bit... it still fit me which was all that mattered. Also, the kimono sleeves were very short compared to the actual character's (whose sleeves are supposed to almost reach the ground). Finally... and unfortunately... the fake tattoos were not designed correctly. BUT that was more my fault as I couldn't find enough reference pictures for them at the time. I ended up making new, more accurate ones, but did feel bad by doing so. Especially since the fake tattoos they made were also very amazingly embroidered. I'm sorry! T_T

Comments: Again, very fast, very nice, and--if you are looking for great embroidery work--very skilled! I definitely will be keeping them in mind for any future costumes.

Final Grade: A-
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