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Angry Cosworx Review

Merchant: Cosworx
Item Ordered: Mac wig in color #8
Grade: D

I ordered this wig a month before the convention I needed it for. I heard nothing back for 3 weeks, and just when I was about to email them, I get an email that says they just happened to notice my order was still open and when they contacted the warehouse, they were out of stock of that wig in that color. Apparently, no one was going to contact me about this; they were just not going to send me anything! This is one week before the convention I need this wig for. I had to go directly to the owner, who got things straightened out and was able to find a similar wig in the right color for me, but I'd already found a suitable replacement at a local store that was closer to what I needed than what they were offering.

I was very, very put off by the fact that they seemed to have better things to do that pay attention to their orders. I realize things slip through the cracks sometime, but my entire costume would have been ruined if I didn't have the wig. I would recommend this seller, but only if you order WAY in advance. Make sure you leave time for them to lose your order, find it again, and ship it at their leisure.
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