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Name of Commissioner:


Character commissioned: Juri Arisugawa and Shiori Takatsuki of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Links to picture(s):
These get pretty interesting. Perusing the gallery you can tell how the skirt lengths change seemingly at will, with a combination of rolling them desperately and very poor photoshop. As far as their real lengths are:
That is the best approximation I can give, though they, too, have been rolled.
For torso detail:

Timeline: Payment sent in mid-November, costumes received in June.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: As usual, there is no one who beats this commissioner on quality. The sleeves were perfect--they had been my greatest fear--and everything from the lining and seams to the little fastener buttons and the fabric choices were absolutely exquisite. I've seen cosplay sold in Tokyo in person, and I can honestly say these were better quality both at first glance and in construction from start to finish. Clean lines, flawless assembling...I find myself impressed again and again with the magic this commissioner works with costumes. The fit was absolutely perfect with the Juri costume of the two; nothing to change, nothing but praises. Shiori was a slightly different matter, but not to the fault of the cosplay1.
Cons: This is the third time I have ordered from this commissioner, and I feel I have noticed a trend. If there is a slit in a dress or a objectively interpretable length to a skirt, they will choose to err on the side of modesty. This could well be interpreted as a good thing--longer skirts can be hemmed, but shorter ones cannot be lengthened. In this particular instance, however, the reference shots clearly had the hem around mid-thigh, whereas it actually came to our knees. This very well could have been, however, an error of measurement on my part, and I wouldn't be surprised. Though I do want to give a grand benefit of the doubt to them for my screw up in the process, I believe the skirt's end result was a combination of both of us.

Comments: For the Shiori outfit, incorrect measurements had been provided to the commissioner, and it was entirely my fault. I didn't catch it until I had been solicited for a shipping address; like, I was off by inches at times, not just a few centimeters here and there, so I was expecting a less than perfect result of my own fault. Even for how grossly misled I was in my own measuring, however, the lengths of the skirts I'd requested were not entirely off from what I'd intended them to be--and the stripe along the bottom made them particularly risky to hem. Given how greatly I screwed up with the measurements and the fact that it fit at ALL, though, I believe is just another testament to how very accomplished this commissioner is, and I look forward to working with them for another few projects in the future for that impeccable, unmatched quality they have delivered again and again.

Final Grade: A!

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