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Name of Commissioner: Limebarb


Character commissioned: Two Organization XIII coats

Links to picture(s):

Timeline: Requested in mid-January, received in June

Describe your Experience.
Pros: Everything is pretty much exactly perfect. She went to an extraordinary effort on the beads, which are a detail lacking in every other coat that I was able to find offered by the other commissioners I approached. The lining was nothing short of professional, the fabric looked like it came straight out of the video game and the fit was perfect (for Xemnas, that is; once again my inept ability to measure myself required I pin myself into my own, but it worked out fine). Limebarb is a commissioner I love to go to when others are lacking experience in their portfolio for what I need, and with ideal seams, flawless construction and perfect detail (to say nothing of the best solution to those pesky beads that I've ever seen), I certainly intend to continue.
Cons: As beautiful as the end product was--a difficult thing to accomplish when organization cosplayers are a dime a dozen--I would have liked if the same amount of amazing effort and detail that she devoted to the coat inside and out would've extended to the zipper as well. It didn't run the full length of the coat, and was simply a normal zipper rather than the comically huge ones of the reference images. If I had to choose between the overall quality of the costume and an accurate zipper, however, I'd gladly take what I was provided.

Comments: Once again, attempts to measure myself with string and a 15cm ruler do not work out. Big surprise. So if the fitting to the Larxene in the provided pictures looks strange, I blame myself entirely for the slap-dash job of sticking two dozen safety pins down one side in an attempt to make it--at least appear--properly fitted. The Xemnas is my brother, and I received reports that before the convention he was stubbornly looking for excuses to simply wear it around the house because it was so comfortable and fit better than most of his everyday clothes. Limebarb was the only commissioner I knew of with the experience required to do this project to the degree of perfection I was hoping for, and I was certainly not disappointed, zipper or no.

Final Grade: A!
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