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Name of Commissioner: Sumi/ Purple Doll


Character commissioned: Lill from Angel Sanctuary, dress with bow tie and long veil

Links to picture(s):
Character pics:

Timeline: About 2 months

Describe your Experience: My first cosplay since I was I wanted it to be good. I first came to her with a request for Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere (which she is still making). After commissioning Gwendolyn I asked for her to do this simple Lill costume as well. She was very nice and her prices were great. Sometimes she doesn't respond to emails for a while..but she told me that they were experiencing typhoons were she lived (Philippines), so I understood.

She ended up getting pretty behind though. Gwendolyn was supposed to be finished at the same time as Lill..but Sumi let me know that Gwendolyn would not be done in time, but that she could ship Lill. Sumi kindly paid for the shipping cost, and I received my costume the day before the con.

Costume was much too small around bust, but I made it work temporarily. She offered to remake it free of charge though ^.^

Pros: Great job, the costume was made out of nice fabric (although a little see through) and was the exact design I wanted. She is very nice and offers low prices. Paid for shipping.

Cons: The costume was terribly small around my back and bust..I ended up having to wear a sports bra and having to pin the collar shut with a safety pin. I had a long veil which covered it up though.

Comments: Will commission again in the future =D

Final Grade: A- (Even though the costume was a little too small and the shipping was rushed, she offered to make me another ^.^ which is very kind)
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