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Name of Commissioner: SaSu


Character commissioned: Konoe - Lamento ~ Beyond the Void

Links to picture(s): [See Attachments]

Timeline: About 2 months? If you don't include the DHL issues, its two months. If you include it, it's about 3. Began June, finished mid-July, received late August.

Describe your Experience:
Pros: Sasu was very professional. From the very beginning, she gave me a full break down of all the prices of materials, gave me a choice of materials and how much they would cost. She was very nice and very polite.She explained each of the different measurements to me since the site she referred me to, was in German. She emailed me just about every week or so with updates and progress shots. SaSu was even let me make 2 payments for Konoe instead of just one. I received it and everything fit perfectly. <3 I've never had a costume ever fit that perfectly! The quality is amazing! Even though DHL was having issues, she was very cooperative though I think I was being a bit impatient as well.

Cons: The only con is shipping. She lives in Germany. Shipping from where she is, is DHL dominated. It was cheap, but unfortunately, it has no tracking. The costume didn't arrive on time for Otakon, but that isn't her fault. It's DHL. [I loathe DHL. >>; We're looking into Fed-Ex, expensive, but worth it.]

Comments: Am working on a commission with SaSu right now! In spite of the terrible DHL problems, the worksmanship and cooperation though the DHL problems, including providing me a reciept of her shipping it, and her address so I could maybe find a way to track it.
Final Grade: A


Name of Commissioner: Tess

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Lavi - D.Gray-Man

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Deadline: Otakon. Begun early June, ended August 4th

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
I asked for the wig to have a more natural appearance, since unnatural red, like it normally is for Lavi, looks terrible with me, so I requested it to be a more natural Auburn red. And I love it. I'm just not used to wearing a short wig with a headband. XD It was an experience having short hair.

Final Grade: A

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