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The two Ronis I snagged from the overstock sale arrived. They're both... incredible. They come really fluffy, but a bit of persuasion by combing can get a volume-packed, yet somewhat smooth style.

Roni in 30
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This is going to be turned into a wig for Suzaku Kururugi for Code Geass. I figured I'd give this minor wig styling job a shot, since the wigs were cheap. :]

Roni in 130

No Flash
This one was also purchased with Suzaku in mind; I couldn't quite decide between the two colors. 130 is a little too red, so I might attack it with some of Katie Bair's wig dye later on; thank god Fawn comes in the Elora-friendly version. xD

On a side note, I remembered why I hate flash photography. ._.;
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