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Hallo, all. ^-^

I'm pretty sure I posted on this thread a long, long time ago. But, well, that was a long, long time ago. I've got about 10 months until my next con (A-kon 20 in Dallas), but I figured I should go ahead and get an idea on who to cosplay. I'm a bit short on cash, but I have time!

Pictures (and sorry if they suck!):

I can find others if they're needed. My hair's shoulder length and actually dyed black & auburn red, but I'm willing to dye it to fit a character. xD Also, wigs are fine with me.

So far I've cosplayed Axel (KHII) and Haruka Haruhara... both of which were fun as hell.
I'd appreciate less-mainstream anime/manga, but any ideas would be mucho appreciated. <3
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