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That was awkward.
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Originally Posted by Dragula View Post
Alright I dont usually need Ideas for cosplay but I thought since this thread is around I might as well take advantage so what does everyone think?
You could try Matt Green from Dramacon. :3

Or if you spiked your hair and maybe cut it a little, you could do a good Balthier from FFXII!

Originally Posted by Dubaby View Post
I've already got most of my cosplays planned, out... but I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas for me and my two friends (they don't have to all be from the same show or anything, I just know that their both looking for ideas too...) Sorry about the pic... our prom one is the only thing I have with all three of us together so it seemed the easiest to post XD

We all three are totally for the use of wigs and stuff so yeah! Any ideas are appreciated!!! <3
The girl in the middle could probably pull off a pretty good Olette from KHII! (:

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