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I'm a beginner cosplayer, but I do have some sewing skills under my belt. I'm not entirely sure if I will be able to get my claws on a wig, but I will be able to die my hair (at least the blonde part that's there now) back to my original brown color. I can do colored contacts (as long as they are prescription) but probably not cross-playing (for this upcoming year at least. I'm making my bf a Vash costume, and I think he would be a little wierded out if I went as a guy). I'm approximately 5'8, can do heels if I need to. About 127 lbs, decent enough body that I don't mind showing off some skin. My main problem in coming up with characters to cosplay has been that my skin color is rather olive toned, and I have a sharper facial structure than most characters. Any ideas?

Here's some pics of me:
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